11 Of The Most Unlikely Napping Buddies Will Melt Your Heart


1. Who says a kitty, a doggy, and a fox can’t sleep in harmony? This trio is in deep sleep with the dog appearing to comfort the smaller fox and cat, and it is totally adorable. You do not see a group of pals like this every day.

2. This pairing features a small kitten holding closely its rat friend and they are both sound asleep. It is not always an easy task to find an instance where a rat looks so cute but this photo achieved just that.
3. This group of ducklings is cuddled up with a cat so closely that they could look the cat’s offspring if you did not know any better. Everyone in this group looks totally comfortable and warm. Any small child walking by may find this cuddly group too charming to walk past.
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4. This large chicken is hovering over its puppy pal and looks like it is on guard. The puppy is too busy sleeping and looking adorable to notice anyone taking a photo. It is probably a warm nap when you have chicken feathers acting as a blanket for you.
5. While this endearing little cat is sleeping peacefully next to its guinea pig friend, the guinea pig is wide awake and looking right at you. This cute couple couldn’t be any more balanced, that is great teamwork.
6. This kitten is using its dog friend’s ear as a head covering and appears to be searching for a more comfortable position. Whatever the case, this doggy is far too busy having sweet dreams to notice. This couple is very photogenic and sleepy.
7. Who says cats and birds can’t live together in peace? This couple gets along just fine and the parakeet is leaning up against the little kitten who is enjoying a nap. The bird is not catching any sleep right now though and it is focused on the camera.
8. Now this cute couple is unique indeed. It’s not every day that you see a ferret and a kitten sleeping on one another but this pairing is very good at it. The ferret has found comfort even though half of its body is upside-down and the kitten is quite comfortable lying right on top.
9. Even though this cat’s entire body is lying on top of its dog friend, they both are sleeping just fine in the backyard. You can tell that that these two are familiar with sleeping with each other and have their slumber party arrangements all worked out.
10. This unique couple features a deer and a cat in a warm embrace on a lovely day. Who knew that this pairing could look so adorable together and catch a nap together, all at the same time?
11. When a really large bunny rabbit meets a little piglet, a cute sleeping pair can be found and loved. The piglet is using the bunnies’ large body for comfort and the rabbit is sleeping very well next to it. This pair may remind of you of Easter and really soft pillows.

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