My Heart Just EXPLODED Watching These Baby Sloths At Bath Time


When you think of animals that are adorable, there are a number of cuddly critters that come to mind. Whether your mind goes to images of puppies, kittens or something a little more exotic, one of the last animals you are probably imagining is the sloth. But thanks to this adorable clip, you are never going to be able to see sloths in the same light again.

While the adjective “sloth” probably has a lot to do with some of our lowered opinion of what these animals can accomplish, they are some of the cutest critters you will ever lay eyes on. Their eyes have a way of drawing you closer and it is tough to deny the charisma of these little guys.

Sloths conjure up images of dirt, filth and laziness, but the women who have been tasked with caring for these sloths are having none of it. Every Wednesday, the sloths are removed from their cages and taken out for a bath, whether they feel as if they need it or not.

Those of us out there who have ever had to bathe an unruly child who did not want to be bathed can certainly relate to the struggle of trying to clean someone who would rather play outside. Some parents may be hoping to purchase some variation of the crate that the ladies use to bring the sloths outside for their bath after checking out this humorous and adorable clip.

Sometimes, you simply have to do what needs to be done, even if the other parties involved do not wish to help you out along the way and these sloths are certainly no different. If they were left to their own devices, these guys would probably never take a bath, although there are probably a few adults out there who wish that they never had to bathe either.

However, with all of that having been said, there are few things that are more heartwarming to watch than babies who are receiving a bath from their caretakers, no matter what the species may be. Humans and animals are much more similar than we think and clips like these circulate so widely because people will never stop enjoying watching animals behave in this manner. These sloths may be dirty, but they are not going out without a fight, you can bet your bottom dollar on that.

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