Mothers, Take A Moment To Watch This Important Clip. It Could Save A Life!


Many parents out there have likely left their child in the car for a moment or two on a hot summer day. Sometimes, it may be easier to go to the store or stop for fuel without having to attend to a bored, curious or unruly child. There are a number of reasons why mothers opt for this approach, but it can be more dangerous than originally thought. Perhaps a parent runs into an old friend while they are inside of the business establishment, or the line is longer than originally expected. No parent purposely forgets their child or leaves them inside of a vehicle on a hot day without considered the consequences. Sometimes, life simply gets in the way.

Did you know that a child dies due to vehicular related heatstroke every ten days? This is an alarmingly high number, one that needs to be addressed immediately. Not only should this statistic to the reader, but it is even more tragic when you stop to consider the fact that these incidents are entirely avoidable.

No child should ever die in this manner and as with any other societal ill, increased awareness is the key. The word needs to be spread as far and wide as possible, so that more children do not suffer from the same fate. A parent should never have to bury their child, especially for reasons such as these.

While it may not seem plausible that so many parents make this mistake, the aforementioned statistic is proof positive that we still have a great deal to do, collectively. Year after year, children die needlessly due to this oversight. Avoiding terrible instances such as these is the primary objective behind the clip you are about to watch.

No one should be content to live in a nation where these incidents become commonplace. RedCastle Media has decided to use the resources available to all of us to make a clear stand on the issue.

Clips like these can be incredibly difficult to watch (especially for those of us who have children of our own), but it is necessary viewing and this video needs to be seen by as a wide of an audience as possible, so that children will not have to experience the suffering that accompanies being left alone inside of a sweltering vehicle, slowly feeling the life drain from their bodies.

If you do not wish to fall victim to the same mistakes that parents have made in the past, then be sure to watch this important clip and take the time to share it on your preferred social media platforms. Awareness needs to spread far and wide and sharing this clip allows each of us to play our own small role in reducing these tragic incidents.

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