Monster Ran Over This Puppy With His Car And Left Him With Two Broken Legs


Medically, it is recommended that a dog should be safely removed from the roadside as soon as it has been hit by a car. This should be done as carefully as possible to save the life of the dog (that’s if it’s still alive), so as to prevent further accidents and to keep the dog safe from oncoming vehicles or traffic.

However, as soon as this is done, medical attention needs to be provided. Firstly, the dog should be checked to find out if it is breathing and if otherwise, CPR measures should be instantly provided.
Here in Patiala, India, a small dog was run over by a car. Unfortunately for him, there was no one by his side to attend to his injuries, not even his owner. In other words, he was left alone to fend for himself.

His two hind legs were broken as a result of the accident. When this cruel incident occurred, the driver managed to get away because the unenthusiastic crowd did not see any need to attend to the poor puppy that lay helpless in pains on the road.

In most cases, when a dog is hit by a car, it flees as quickly as possible to ignore pain (which is its first instinct). This only works for the lucky ones. But for Oreo (as he was later called) luck was not much on his side. After he was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver, he never had the opportunity to rise again, talk more of fleeing to ignore pain. Thanks to the love and concern that were shown to him by his mommy and sister, Oreo was able to find a glimpse of hope in a wicked world as he laid down there in pains. They never left his side during this time.

After a few days, the poor ailing puppy was able to find help at last. This help came from an unexpected angle, Guardian of the Voiceless – a nonprofit organization. It was this group that took him to a vet for treatment. Although efforts were immediately put in place to safe the poor soul’s life, it was, however, too late to help the poor dog walk again because his hind legs were completely gone (shattered) thereby making him disabled for life. UPDATE: Dog survived and is back with his family!

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