Monster Drag A Horse Up A Mountain & Dump Him There To Die, But They Didn’t Expect This…


The video underscores human cruelty and selfishness towards animals. Does it even matter if it is towards animals? Don’t animals have lives? Don’t they feel pain? Do they deserve to die? In my opinion, anybody that is this cruel to a horse can also be cruel to fellow human beings.

According to the video, a wicked person (referred to as a monster) brought an old and weak horse to the mountain to die off since the horse could no longer be of much use to him. The horse was found close to death due to weakness and starvation.

A glimpse at the horse says it all. He was also infected with rain rot, a common disease among horses. This is due to lack of proper care that he was subjected to. But fortunately, a couple of nice people found him when it mattered most.

He was named “Bones” because of his bony physical appearance. They tried to walk him out of the mountain, but Bones could not walk for long. He had to be pulled out of the place. Bones was fed properly. He was bathed. He began to enjoy love and care.

He was sent to a vet doctor for his hurting shoes and infection and was treated. About 9 months after, Bones looked a lot better. He was well fed and well taken care of. He also had a partner and he was fatter. But he wasn’t so agile and he didn’t have much energy because he was already old. Bones looked and felt better and that was mattered most

About two and half years after, you won’t recognize Bones. He was fatter, fleshier and looked a lot healthier. Thanks to the heroes that rescued him from the claws of death. How I wish the monster that dumped Bones could be sniffed out. Yes, the act was monstrous indeed.

Here is the most emotional part – About three years after, Bones passed away! All the care and love could not change the fact that he was old. Painful and demoralizing, isn’t it? Don’t let it hit you. Just console yourself with the fact Bones enjoyed the last three years of his life. He was loved. He was well taken care of and he had wonderful company. Just watch it and don’t forget to share it.

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