A Monster Abandoned This Puppy, But 60 Days Later, I’m Speechless!


If there’s something that’s hard to understand is this world is what goes in the mind of people who decided to abandon animals. Don’t they value life? Don’t they love the animals they abandon?

Worse than that: It’ll be impossible for most of us to understand what goes on the mind of people who abandon baby animals that can’t help themselves in this world and that, without someone to take care of them will never make it to be adults.

But what we’re actually able to understand is that there are people out there willing to help that do everything they can to take care of the animals they find on the street in order to give them the good life that they deserve.

In this video, we see Joy. Joy is a puppy that some gruesome monster decided to abandon. If the rescuers of Howl of a Dog didn’t respond to a call from a shelter to help poor Joy, he wouldn’t have made it in the wild all by himself (just look at how little he is right in the beginning of the video).

They did respond to the call and Joy was saved. Since he is so cute, they decided to capture his life in video to show the world. Here, we see the video of Joy’s first two months of live, his first eight weeks in this world and how he changed during them.

As you can see in the beginning of the video he is no more than a small, helpless puppy just looking for someone to take care of him until he is able to do it on his own. As he grows, he starts being less helpless and more cute by the week!

Then Joy gets a tiger toy to play with and he doesn’t want to let go of it. He gets more and more energy throughout the video as he grows until he is already a little rascal by the end of the video. By then, he still loves his tiger toy, but it is also willing to play with other things – he even tries to play with the camera a little bit.

[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=IiBspIUCauw”]

We need to thank Howl of a Dog for taking care of Joy and giving him a good life, filled up with love. Cherish him well, as he is a special little thing! May he continue to grow healthy and happy.

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