Monster Abandoned This Kitten With A Perfect Mustache In A Donation Drop Box


So many people do not realize that animals also have feelings just like human beings. They are even more vulnerable than human beings. Or could it just be callousness and wickedness to treat animals so badly? Well, as far as am concerned, anybody who perpetrates such a high level of wickedness to such a cute and harmless little cat without his conscience prickling him is indeed a monster. And he can replicate such actions on a fellow human being when the opportunity arises.


Cats are not difficult to keep, they don’t have allergies like dogs, they are not aggressive and they have several benefits. But why would someone decide to abandon this cutie? Aren’t cats meant to be cuddled? Some people can be heartless.


Not even her beautiful “moustache” could prevent this monster from abandoning her in a donation drop box. Sally Ann, the adorable little cat was dropped in a donation drop box at the Salvation Army. Someone who felt concerned saw her and put a call through to cat house on king’s street for assistance.


If not for that, who knows what could have happened to such a beautiful creature. Life tends to balance monsters with heroes. For every monster, there are several heroes waiting somewhere. Sally Ann’s case is not an exception. The person who found her is her first hero. And the wonderful guys in the cat house that responded swiftly are all Sally’s heroes.


Sally turned out to be a very friendly cat. Having received necessary vaccines, she recovered much faster than expected. She always wanted attention and she got more than enough from the staff at the cat house. Well, considering her cute look and adorable moustache, who won’t be attracted? Only a monster will have the heart to abandon such a rare beauty.


Sally Ann turned out to be not only beautiful and adorable but also charming. I am sure if the idiot that abandoned her sees her now, he would realize the foolishness and callousness in his actions. He would wish he had kept her a little longer.


Initially, I felt disturbed at the plight of Sally Ann, but when I got to know that she eventually ended up in cat house where she will enjoy the rest of her life happily and well catered for, I felt so much better. Why not take a look at sally Ann’s pictures? You will wonder why someone will abandon her. When you see her, I won’t be the one to remind you to share it.

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