Monster Abandoned Three Kittens, But No One Expected THIS To Happen


While these three kittens were not given much of a chance in life, they were provided with a much needed second opportunity. They were discovered four years ago, after they had been heartlessly ditched in front of a local workplace.

Sadly, the box that contained these three beautiful kittens originally had five. Two of the cats did not survive their cruel and unusual punishment. The vet who originally cared for this box of kittens only believed that one would survive, so one could say that these three kittens beat the odds and triumphed over major adversity.


They were given new names and a new life. Professor Socks, Eleanor Rigby and Squints survived and they are now thriving, thanks to the help of some great people who were determined to reverse the damages that they had incurred.


They are all grown up now, but we still have their beautiful kitten pictures to pass around and enjoy. Pictures are not able to do justice to these kitties, so be sure to check out this amazing video, as well.


You may want to watch this video in private, since your heart is very likely to melt and you may end up needing a moment to compose your emotions.

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Once the kittens regained their health and strength, their appetite would soon follow. This allowed them to pursue their ultimate dream: becoming big, plump, fat cats. One of their favorite pastimes is cuddling up for naps together and a few added pounds never hurt anybody when it comes to snuggling.


The couple who adopted these three kittens should be commended for standing by them during their hour of need. As a result, the three cats have developed a close bond with their siblings and are enjoying life in their forever home.


Those who foster animals already know about the difficulties of taking in one cat, let alone three! These foster parents have huge hearts and they should serve as an inspiration to us all.


The kittens are grateful for their good fortune, as most abandoned animals end up with a much less appealing fate. They know just how good they have it with their new parents and are sure to display their appreciation as often as possible.


They have certainly come a long way from where they started and this post needs to be shared with all of the cat lovers that you know, so feel free to spread the love and pass it along!

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