Monster Abandons 3 Week Old Sick Puppy, Then THIS Happens!


When animals are abandoned at shelters, people’s reasons for doing so often leave a lot to be desired. While people sometimes have legitimate reasons for ditching a pet, there are thousands of adorable animals who are ditched out, without a solid line of reasoning.

Take this cute little puppy, for instance. All it took was one bout of illness for her owners to give up on her completely. The pup’s name is Karma and this is certainly a fitting moniker. Karma’s owners decided that the cost of fixing her virus was too much of a burden for them to bear and a result, they left the dog behind and carried on their merry way.

The vets who were left responsible for her care decided that she should not be put down and a result, they offered her residence at the local animal shelter. This would allow her to be treated, while also ensuring that she does not infect the other animals.


Since the virus was highly contagious to the other dogs that could have potentially come into contact with her, a quarantine was necessary. Fortunately, cats were immune to this particular disease and Karma would soon find a new playmate who could be around her without having to worry.

Her new pal’s name was Kismet and this union is just a little too perfect, if you ask us. As you might imagine, Karma and Kismet became fast friends, getting along famously. They spent their days playing together, running around until they tired themselves out and fell asleep while snuggling in one big furry pile.

Of course, these two were super cute alongside of each other, but cuteness alone does not guarantee a forever home to the animals who need them. A number of people came by that were interested in one animal or the other, but finding a family that was ready to take on a kitten and a puppy was difficult.


The shelter decided that the dynamic duo should remain together forever. And finally, a happy couple came along who was ready to take on both of them. Karma and Kismet have enjoyed their new forever home ever since and they are definitely still snuggling together on a regular basis.

These two found each other at the perfect time and they also found the perfect family at the right time. This story deserves to be shared with your closest friends and family, so don’t be shy!

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