Monkey Meets Puppies And His Reaction Is Amazing


We all know about monkeys and dogs. After all, the dog is man’s best friend and as such, we as humans want to share our best friend and introduce it to what is closer to us: the monkey. We’d hope they would all just get along, and we’d hope that we could all be a giant family on this planet. It’s part of our nature to want to live in a family, it’s part of our nature to love others and to be together for good and bad – that just might be proof of God, but that’s another topic.
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Similarly, other animal species have the same
There is also a very evil side to our nature, however. We like to destroy, we like to see pain and all that. Well, not all of us like that, personally I hate it, but there are a lot of people who do enjoy that. Back in the day, violence was widely accepted and was used as entertainment for people – which was truly horrible.

We all know about the ancient gladiators of Rome, battling each other until death just for the entertainment of the most powerful men in the city as well as the entertainment of the masses. But there was another type of gladiators as well: animals. Back in the day, Englishmen liked to see animals fight it off, and they like to test the most aggressive dog breeds out there and put them up against anything.

One of these types of match was actually an aggressive well trained dog, against a monkey. For some reason, this was entertainment back then and thank God the TV and the video camera came so that we could actually watch some shows and all that.

But don’t worry, you won’t see any violence in this video, you will actually see proof of our evolution as a species. This is our entertainment now: to watch a monkey give all his love to some puppies, to watch them care for each other and to watch them be happy. For some reason, this makes our hearts melt, which is good.


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