The Moment This Puppy’s Tickled For The First Time Is Total Cuteness Overload


Being the parent of a puppy means seeing them through all of their firsts, whether it’s their first time sleeping in a bed of their own, their first time coming home or even the first time they have an “accident” inside of the house.

Thanks to this video, we are able to enjoy this puppy’s very first tickle session. This little bitty Corgi would already be cute enough, but this footage of Clementine’s initial tickle is almost too adorable! We just can’t stand it and viewers at home will probably find themselves wishing that they could reach through their screen and join in.
If only puppies could stay this small and lovable forever and ever, what a great world that would be. While Clementine is going to eventually grow older and become a tad less cute, her family is always going to have this video to fall back on when they find themselves missing the good old days.

The dog is clearly tickled pink, if you’ll pardon the use of the expression. She is grinning from ear to ear and the way that she is kicking her little legs to and fro is beyond adorable. If this was our dog, there is no way that we would ever be able to get anything done. All we’d do is stay home from work, so that we could spend our days tickling her over and over again.

Her facial expressions take the cake and will have you rewinding this clip several times, just so you can further appreciate them. The little pup is lucky to have found such a great family to take care of her and thanks to to this hilarious video, she just might be a viral star in the making.

This video is aspirational, as we one day wish to reach the level of contentment that Clementine is at. We have yet to see an animal look anywhere near as happy as she is and we hope that her family continues to give her lots and lots of love each day, in addition to lots and lots of tickles. This is one dog who is definitely not afraid of the tickle monster!

If you think you’re ready to handle this massive cuteness overload, then be sure to watch this video and pass it along to the Corgi lovers in your life. Clementine will certainly be glad that you did.

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