Mom Put Him In Charge Of Feeding The Dogs – Just Wait Until You See Their Reaction


Small children are often known for their willingness to help with household tasks. It makes them feel more grown up and also allows their parents to take a much needed break, which makes it a true win/win for the entire family. The little boy in this clip was more than determined to help out and his ability to take charge of the situation is definitely adorable.

As the clip begins, we can see that Mom has let the Corgis know that feeding time is on the way. These are excitable dogs and they clearly ready for meal time. Mom decided to let her three year old take charge and handle the important responsibility of ensuring that these dogs received their dinner.

The little boy opens up the gate and the Corgis have already figured out what is about to take place. While they do manage to stay in something resembling a single file formation, their excitement is evident as they hurriedly make their way out of their cage.

While some might be ready to watch these dogs go wild, they have been definitely been well trained. They know exactly where their spots and they head to their designated areas. Even though their excitement is palpable to the viewer, they do not allow themselves to become overwhelmed.

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