Mom Put Her Twins In The Sink, Now Watch The Baby On The Left…


There is nothing sweeter than the sound of a giggling baby. Once you hear the giggling sounds, it’s hard for you not to laugh as well. If you have been looking for a way to brighten your day, this is the video that you will want to see.

Emma decides to put her twin daughters into a bubble bath, their first one, and she places them in the kitchen sink. The nine-month-old twins are having a double back, and it turns into a giggle fest that lasts for three minutes. This is one of the cutest videos, and is sure to have you smiling from ear to ear.

As soon as the mother realized what was going on, she grabbed the camera to start filming this adorable moment. We are so glad she did, because these twins are splishing and splashing in the water, having the time of their little lives.

The one little girl on the left begins to get the case of the giggles first. She is laughing and truly enjoying her bubble bath. Her sister then catches the giggles and begins to join in. Laughter is truly contagious, and even mom and dad began to laugh at the sight of their children in the sink.

The double sink in the kitchen is what makes this even more adorable. Each baby has her own little sink, and they are covered in bubbles. They start to splash, and the one on the right is intrigued by what is going on in her sister’s bath.

You can see that the girls start to laugh so much that their little bodies are shaking. They have found that bath time is one of the most exciting things in the world. Mom is able to stay I level with the girls, so there is nothing dangerous about them being here. You can tell that they feel safe, and they are having so much fun discovering what bubble you like.

The giggles continue on and on, and I personally have watched it a few times in order to continue giggling my way through the day. It’s something that I have bookmarked just so that I can have a guaranteed smile during the day.

The video lasts for a full three minutes, and if you have kids, you will understand the comedy that comes from having twins. Even if you don’t have kids, you will find these adorable babies to be truly entertaining. Watch the video now and share the bubble bath baby video with your friends on Facebook.

Have you ever had a case of the giggles? Have you found that laughter is contagious? If you have, you will appreciate this video, and we look forward to your comments!

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