Mom Notices The Dog Under The Blanket. When She Lifts It? LOL!


As the owner of the dog snoops around and looks for the dog, the kids point in the direction of where the dog is on the bed and she lifts up the blanket. He looks around with the funniest case of bed head ever; his long, furry hair and tail moving around ever so lazily. With the blue bone collar around his neck, he looks so cool and independent but also clearly disturbed. He has been enjoying his night’s rest and does not want to be further disturbed. As the kids yell ‘what’s under there?’ Their mum lifts up the blanket, only to show this little furry dog with the worst case of bead head ever.
He looks dazed and dazzled as the blanket comes off his head. He blinks and then looks around the room, then stares at the person who raised up the blanket as if to say ‘can you please let me go back to sleep now?’. The kids are still in their pyjamas and exclaim with so much laughter in their voices. This is clearly not the first time he has done this before. The dog’s long furry tail is far from wagging, he feels he is being disturbed, but we can’t help but to laugh at how silly he looks.

Static Electricity Makes Dog's Hair Stand on End

Bed head. Creeps up on ya when you least expect it.

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Tuesday, March 22, 2016

This is one of those funny videos that you can’t help but to show everyone around. The dog in this video shows the most hilarious case of bed head as he looks dazed when his owner lifts the blanket which had been over his head. He has clearly been enjoying his rest. As his owner’s yell while looking for him, he can sense what is happening and hoping that they won’t notice him. Unluckily for him, he is located and then displays the most hilarious case of bed head ever!

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