Mom Leaves The Kids With Dad For The Day. What She Comes Home To? HILARIOUS!


Mothers often shudder at the idea of leaving their children with their father for the day. Typically, mothers are the main disciplinarians, while the father is a more fun loving sort. This tends to work well for the children, as fathers are great at coming up with activities that keep everyone happy.

This particular video is not the first one that this easygoing father has made and it is very doubtful that it would be the last. This father clearly knows how to enjoy spending time with his children and this video is all the evidence we need. When Mother heads out for the day, there is no need to worry.


The video opens with the sounds of Lunchmoney Lewis’ hit single “Bills.” Dad is clearly enjoying teaching his children about the music he enjoys and the kids love the song. Their goofy enthusiasm is infectious and when they get up to dance, it will be impossible for you not to want to get up and dance, too.

Dad even manages to get the baby involved in his impromptu dancing party. The daughter is showing off her fancy footwork and Dad continues to lip sync along with the lyrics. Even when the song reaches a spoken word interlude, Dad is still talking in time with the beat. It may have started off as one of Dad’s favorite songs, but it will be a family favorite by the end of the clip.

Baby gets in on the act when Dad picks him up and makes him fly. The grin on the child’s face is evident and he is clearly having the time of his young life. While he may not understand his father and big sister are jumping around and acting all crazy, he is still able to have fun, nonetheless. He is already creating memories that will never die, thanks to the magic of the Internet.

While these children are decades away from having to live out the lessons about paying bills and keeping spouses happy that Lunchmoney Lewis sings about, it is never too early to learn how to have a good time, with or without the presence of Mommy. The closing of the video, where the family takes turns pantomiming the playing of a trumpet, is enough to bring the house down.

Father does not neglect the part of the song that focuses on shoes, either. Placing his own shoes into the camera and showcasing his silly grin, it’s hard not to laugh along with him. The best part about watching this video is imagining what Mom’s facial expression must have looked like when she came home and found Dad and her babies dancing around with reckless abandon to the latest Top 40 hit.

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