Mom Had Twins, But Kept It A Secret. The Reactions of Family And Friends Are PRICELESS.


How often do you hear “Really, no, you’re kidding?”, or “Oh my gosh…oh my gosh”, and “Really? No way?” multiple times in a just 6 minutes? The responses in the video that follows will have you smiling and laughing. The parents didn’t want to know the sex of the babies, but more importantly, they didn’t tell anyone that they were having twins. They kept the secret for 9-months, which is probably some kind of record within the grand scope of things. Most couples today want to know the sex of the baby beforehand. When they’re told that they’re pregnant twins, most cannot contain that little tidbit of information.
Most parents, expecting twins, would tell everyone about the twins because of the need for twice as many supplies. Baby clothes, diapers, and booties for little ones are not cheap, so for shear economic reasons one would expect to be told about twins. Since they didn’t tell anyone about the twins, most of the family and friends seem to think they’ve borrowed a baby or something. They ask each person about their thoughts on whether the baby is a boy or girl, and once they answered the real surprise begins. Each person has a comparable and yet, altered facial expression or question.
One lady when confronted through a computer monitor with the twins says, “No you didn’t. You’re lying.” Then the comprehension of what she’s seeing cascades over her face slowly. It’s all in good fun and the reactions are hilarious. One lady comes in with her 2 children. She’s clapping and puts her purse down—presumably to hold the little bundle of joy—but when she realizes there are two, she stops with her mouth open. For a moment or two, she doesn’t say anything and then she lets out a “Woe!”

One of the men looks somewhat stunned and doesn’t say anything, and then he half questions or half insist “Twins?” Several the women, once they find out there were twins, are either dumb-struck, or appear to be on the edge of crying or passing out. Two or three of the women want to know how they could have kept it a secret all those months. All except for the one man that couldn’t figure out what he was seeing, most of the men are fairly laid back about the couple having twins.

The video ends with photos of the twins, their older brother and their parents. The twins are seen in one shot wearing t-shirts that say explains it all. It’s certain that few of us could have kept the secret of twins to ourselves. However, little Mariann and Brianna seem none to worse for having come into the world a surprise to all those who waited patiently to know the sex of one baby.

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