Mom Comes Home To Something She NEVER Expected To See… OMG!


Dogs are known for their troublesome habits of eating things they aren’t supposed to. Owners come home to find pillows shredded, shoes chewed, and all kinds of other things. But what happens when this dog decides to go inside her mom’s purse and eat an entire tube of lipstick? Well, she may not have been caught red-handed, but she sure was caught “pink-pawed”!

Chloe was sitting pretty when her mom came home to find her covered in a sticky pink substance. Literally! Chloe had pink lipstick all over her paws, lips, nose, and even a bit on her belly. After she went nosing about in her owner’s purse, Chloe found the tube and began to chew and chew, ingesting an entire tube of lipstick.
And she might have gotten away with it too – if it weren’t for the bright and colorful evidence. Chloe had managed to “make-up” her entire mouth and lips with the bright, hot pink lipstick that she found in her mom’s purse. There was no way that she was going to get away with it now. She looked like she was trying to get ready for a night out on the town!

It was almost as if Chloe knew she was going to get in trouble when her mom came home. When the owner found her, she was sitting daintily with the chewed-up tube between her front paws just looking up with big, innocent eyes. Chloe’s new lipstick was everywhere and there was nothing for her to do except accept the blame and try to look pretty while doing it.

Chloe was told she had been a bad girl, but she also made her film debut as the dog who wore lipstick! This viral video has made thousands of people laugh hysterically and Chloe has indeed gotten her fifteen minutes of fame. Good thing she had given herself a makeover before she became famous! Chloe’s owner couldn’t keep from laughing as she got her camera and put her made up dog on display for the world to see.

Chloe is all better now, but her owner is making sure that she stays away from all makeup in the future. After all, Chloe didn’t know if she was supposed to eat the lipstick, or wear it all over her face and paws. Chloe will be sticking to a more “natural look” in the future!

Chloe’s hilarious video has been posted to the public by America’s Funniest Home Videos where her legacy will live on to delight dog lovers. She certainly looked fabulous in that hot pink lipstick!

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