Mom Catches The Dog With A Pacifier. Watch When She Tries To Take It Away…


Dogs can be bothersome some times, but this incident involving a pacifier is ridiculous. As a dog sits calmly with a pacifier in its mouth, the owner tries to remove it, but the dog blocks the attempt. Like a boxer blocking a punch, this dog blocks the owner’s hand from grabbing the pacifier.

What can a dog owner do in a situation like this? The dog can’t be the boss; after all, it’s just a dog. This would be another piece of evidence used by aliens from outer space to determine which species is the dominant species on Earth: dogs or man? It’s a toss-up at this point considering everything people do for dogs.
Upon closer examination of this video, the dog’s quick reflexes and apparent attitude might be caused by the very pacifier that is in its mouth and not some intelligent faculty. In fact, the pacifier in the mouth, combined with the visual stimulation caused by the approaching human hand, might trigger a reaction that prompts the muscles in the dog’s arm to move laterally.

This muscle-nerve system become active when two stimuli are present. The first is the nerve sensation in the mouth from the pacifier, and the second is the visual stimulation from the approaching human hand.

The result is a reflex from the dog. Based on this observation and theory, aliens would conclude that dogs are not intelligent beings but are vessels capable of mimicking human behaviors when a series of physical interactions occur on the dog’s nervous system.

In the video, the dog fights off the pacifier-retrieval attempts several times. Eventually, the dog and the person start high-five-ing each other. The dog’s mood appears to change slightly however. It becomes apathetic, annoyed, pensive, and pale-faced over the course of the video. It’s clear that the dog doesn’t like being harassed.

At this level, it is similar to humans. Now if the world is designed around mood and emotions, it might be possible for dogs to become the dominant species. In fact, there’s a theory that suggests that buildings and cities are engineered to harness the emotional part of the person, putting them on-par with animals.

A related theory suggests that the Sphinx in Egypt depicts a person being bullied by animals as they crossed the desert. If societies are built to bring out the emotional qualities of man, then it might be a fair fight. Aliens would have to wait and see how this plays out.

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