Mom Arrested For Saving Her Dog From Being Murdered By A Cop Found Not Guilty


There has been a lot of rumors of police murdering innocent dogs lately. Unfortunately, much of this is true. These pets belong to owners who love them dearly as if they were their own children, and it is heartbreaking to find out that your beloved dog has been tragically taken away like this.

However, once in a while you do hear of a good story that can give you some hope. Cliff was the owner this time who was in need of the police who thought might be able to protect him after his neighbor was causing him a lot of problems. The dog was on a chain, and welcomed the police officer as he approached with a good old fashioned lick.
However, this policeman did not have the same warm heart, as he drew out his gun and pointed it towards the loving dog. It was then that Tiffanie decided to rescue the beloved creature by standing in front of the dog. She then found herself on the ground. The state trooper was determined to get his way, bullying Tiffanie as if they were the culprits. The handcuffs went on Tiffanie and she was taken away.

It seems like this is what it has all come down to. Many state troopers have given the rest of the force an extremely bad name. However, there are a couple of owners, just like Tiffanie who would do just about anything to save their pet from any harm like this.

All of this was being filmed, which was obviously helpful when the court case came along. Unfortunately not much can be said to the cop who basically attacked the owner for no reason at all. The police officer was let off in the end. However, this is something that one must watch just to see how cruel the people who are supposed be looking after you can really be.
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This just gives you a taste of how something like this can cause a great shock to so many families. One must also turn to the brave man who were filming the incident because this was also a big risk, and not many people would have thought of doing this either.

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