Missing Cat Reunites With German Shepherd After Going Missing For 12 Days.


So what happened here is that Clyde’s owners decided to set Clyde free so he could live life as the cat he is. Clyde decided to take advantage of this but, unfortunately, Clyde is cat so he probably wasn’t thinking straight the whole time and ended up getting lost. This was obviously terrible on the family since everyone loved him and missed him.
They decided to put out some “Lost and Found” ads about Clyde expecting that someone was going to see Clyde somewhere and help him return home. Soon enough, a neighbor did see Clyde and helped him return home after he recognized him from the ad. Clyde was lost for an amazing 12 days and who knows what he was up to in the meantime.

In the video we see the heartwarming reunion between Clyde and the family’s German shepherd, Triton. Clearly, they missed each other and even though they aren’t hugging it out like us humans do, we can clearly see that they are enjoying each other’s company. Animals don’t really have an amazing way to track time so for them 12 days might be an incredibly huge amount of time.

Ass if that wasn’t enough, we can see that Clyde’s owner is extremely happy and rightfully so – he has his cat back! In the video you can see Clyde’s owner talking to him and to Triton about Clyde being lost and you can just feel the amount of joy he has in his voice, as he talks to the animals. It’s truly beautiful to see a family reunited after 12 days of suffering.

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