Mercilessly Wounded And Abandoned Puppy Bids The World A Goodbye


The amount of abandoned dogs and cats continues to pile up each and every day and this staggering number is evidence of a true problem in modern society. People adopt pets and get rid of them without a second thought, which leads to overcrowded shelters that cannot afford to keep all of the animals that they’ve unfortunately accumulated.


There is a great deal of work being done in order to find homes for these animals, but all of the stories do not have happy endings. Shelters and animal hospitals regularly take in animals who are too far gone to be helped and their only course of action is to euthanize the creatures, so that they are able to die with some form of dignity intact.

A Pearland, Texas animal hospital was recently forced to take in a puppy that had literally been left on their front steps by either an abusive former owner or someone who found the animal and wished to get them the help they needed.

Since the pup was free of any marks or collars that could help to distinguish it, it is very likely that the owners left the pup on the steps and removed all traces of evidence that could be potentially traced back to them. This type of behavior is sickening and ignores the fact that no animal deserves to be treated in such a cruel and heartless manner.

This puppy’s blue eyes are so sad and so piercing, it broke the heart of the staff at the animal hospital. How could you not feel empathy for a creature that did nothing to deserve the life that it was given? Even after they did everything in their power to help the puppy and make them more comfortable, the state of the animal was simply too much to overcome and euthanization was the only viable option available.

The animal’s injuries were numerous: four broken bones, a shattered pelvis, a body ridden with fleas. All the staff could do was provide a great last meal for him and make sure that he was able to enjoy some small form of comfort during his last days.

This image just might make you shed a tear (or two):


The animal hospital responsible for his euthanization is looking for any information about how the animal came to end up in this woeful condition. Please share this story, so that awareness can be spread and the perpetrator is brought to justice.


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