Meet Kanga Roo, A Kitten Who Stands On Two Legs Like A Boss!


Some animals, and even some humans, are born with genetic deformations that cripple them forever, giving them a hard time surviving on their own in their natural environments. Sometimes, they can even be discriminated to the point of loneliness by others around them because of this.

Sometimes, however, humans and animals can be extremely compassionate and they actually help others around them instead of discriminating them. They decided to see the good in the world and to expand it, instead of fighting against others round them for no good reason other than seeing them as different creatures.
Little Kanga Roo is a kitten that was born with a genetic deformation herself. She was born with a condition named radial agenesis, a condition that affects her front legs to the point that she is unable to put weight on them without crumbling down and hitting her face on the ground.

Because of that condition Kanga Roo was able to adapt and survive in her environment, even though she has a loving home to take care of her. She has learned to walk on two legs just like a human being, and she does it with the cuteness of a kitten! These pictures are going to show you just how cure she actually looks, despite her condition.

In fact, the first picture makes her look so much like a human kitten that you expect her to say something along the lines of “how are you doing this evening?”. She can’t talk (yet), but she can walk ok two legs!


Image Credit: 9gag

I can only imagine her holding hands with her owner while they both stroll around the house looking for something fun they can both do and enjoy.

All jokes aside, this is an incredible story that comes to show us just how much people around us influence us and have a strong impact on our lives. Surely, if Kanga Roo didn’t live around humans walking on two legs, she would probably never think about doing that herself.

Moreover, if she didn’t have a loving family to support her throughout her life as a ‘different’ kitten, the outcome would probably not be as positive as it actually is right now, as she was able to overcome her obstacles and be happy no matter what.

It just goes to show that with a positive attitude and the support of those who love you, you can accomplish anything you put your mind to, despite the obstacles that are in your way! Share away, people!

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