It May Seem Like The Dog Is Sleeping, But Wait Till You See What He Does!


Those of us who struggled to get up for school every morning and tried to play possum are well aware of just how easy it is for a parent to tell when we are faking it. It seems like parents have a sixth sense for knowing when their kids are not actually asleep and this sixth sense even extends to the parents of fur babies, as the dog in this video would soon find out.

If we did not know any better, we would assume that this little fella is truly sleeping. He looks so happy and peaceful, all cuddled up on the couch. At first, it may even seem like his mother is just picking on him. Why can’t you just let him catch some shuteye in piece, Mama?
As always, Mother always knows best. She starts off by gently trying to awaken the pup and does not immediately call him out for being a great big faker. Parents are awesome like that, how they will know we are completely full of it and provide us with ample opportunity to stop the shenanigans and admit it.

This dog decides that he will not be utilizing any of these opportunities, thank you very much. He knows that he has been busted for fake sleeping, but if you think that he will let this affect his faux nap, you have got another think coming. His commitment to the lie is almost adorable, in a way. Maybe this dog was an actor in a past life or something?

Wait until you see what the magic word is that Mom uses to finally put an end to this charade. You just might be surprised at what ends up doing the trick. This dog is not interested in treats, affection or anything along those lines. The magic word used by his mother may seem obvious in retrospect, but there is only way to find out. Be sure to check out this hilarious clip in its full entirety.
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Clips like these remind us just how much fun it can be to have a pet of your very own, a lovable animal to raise as your own and develop a closer bond with. It is easy to see that this mother knows her furry child very well and is well aware of what makes him tick. Parents of fur babies should definitely spread the love and pass this video along to their close friends and family members.

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