This Massive Whale Desperately Needed His Help… But Watch What Happens In The End!


No one thinks of whales as needing human help. They are huge creatures that can tip the scales at 2- or 3-thousands of pounds, on the small side. In this video though, a huge humpback whale manages to ask for help. With nothing but a silent cry, he reached out to the humans passing by. Would they keep going, or would they change this whale’s life?


A group of men were in their boat when they suddenly spied a huge form in the ocean. It turned out to be a whale. He rise above the waterline and looked at them. It wasn’t a normal look though. Something in it was distressing. The whale was asking for help.

One fisherman described the incident and said that it was touching. Something about the whale’s intent look said clearly, “Please, help me.” The man immediately jumped into the water to get a closer look. As he inched to the whale, he put his hand by the whale’s eye. He gently, but silently, tried to communicate that he was there to help.

After inspection, he realized that the whale was caught in an “anchor-like” knot of ropes. There was no way to tell how long he’d been trapped there, but he needed someone to help him break free. The fisherman started investigating the ropes.

Before starting, he silently thought “This is going to hurt!” Would the whale think the man was trying to harm him? Would the whale misunderstand the kindness? Without any way of knowing whether this whale would cooperate or turn on him, the man started working on the ropes.

When the fisherman got a close look, it was worse than he thought. The whale was the target of a horrible practice. People tried sinking the whale. As the fisherman put it: “It was grab ropes. Ties them in a knot. Cut him [the whale]. Sink him.” For some reason whoever targeted the whale was not successful, but they did manage to trap the whale in that one place in the ocean. He had no way to free himself.

The fisherman started working on the ropes. He was floating next to the whale diligently trying to give him freedom. The entire time the whale was cooperative, even letting the men put their hands in his mouth to get more bindings away from him. The entire time, he was letting the men doing what they had to do. He silently and intelligently know that they were there to help him. Despite the pain, he courageously let them do what they had to do.

The men freed the last rope from the whale’s tale. That’s when a miracle happened. They still were worried about what the whale would do. Would he think they were the same people who trapped him? The whale surprised them all by taking a rejoicing swim around their boat. He did figure-eight around the boat as if to thank them all for giving him a life of freedom in the ocean again.

The men were amazed, and thankful, that the whale understood. He disappeared into the water and came back up. He put his giant eye right next to the first fisherman who had tried to free the ropes and carefully nudged him as if to say “Thank you.” He disappeared into the ocean. The men knew they had just witnessed a miracle of the sea.

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