Marine Was Killed In Action. But Watch When His Brother Meets His Military Dog…


Like the saying goes, dog is man’s best friend to the end and beyond. Sirius, a full grown military dog owned by late Sergeant Joshua Ashley proved that the bond between him and his late owner is beyond the ordinary. It is needless to say that both Sirius and Sergeant Joshua Ashley have been the best of buddies.

This is the hardest part… I think we should all learn to give more respect and honor to soldiers wherever we meet them as it is not easy to lay down your life for your country. They are always ready to die at any time. Their families and loved ones also deserve more love, attention and recognition as it is very difficult to bear in mind that your son, your brother, your fiancé or your husband may not come back to you alive.
Even though Sergeant Ashley’s mother seems to have gotten over the trauma of losing his son, one would still see the pain in her eyes. Even at that, I think she is a strong woman. Sirius should not also be left out. His owner and closest buddy, Joshua Ashley was killed with an improvised explosive device (IED) in Afghanistan right in his presence!

One may not have any idea the kind of mental and psychological trauma Sirius would have gone through just because he can’t talk. Despite losing his buddy, Sirius kept on working for the military. He was retired three years after Joshua’s death.

But before his death, Joshua had made his wish known to his mum that he wanted her to take care of Sirius. And that wish came true three years after his demise. Joshua’s mum and his younger brother, Jordan Ashley fully adopted Sirius.

When Tammie Ashley, Joshua’s mother and Jordan went to pick Sirius at the airport, it was as if he already knew who she was. He looked her straight in the eye and smelt all her face. One would have thought he would be very resistant, at least, initially. But Sirius was very receptive. He did not exhibit any element of resistance.
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While Sirius is happy to be with the family of his late buddy, both Jordan and Tammie are happy and thankful to have a piece of Joshua around them. Why not watch the video to catch a glimpse of Sirius, late Joshua and his family. Don’t just keep it to yourself, please share after watching.

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