Marine Waits For The Soldier Brother Whose Life He Saved. Wait ‘Til You See Who It Is…


Marines are known for being tough. Jacob Fisher is a marine and a diesel engine mechanic. When he was out in Afghanistan during an employment, he didn’t know how to prepare for such a thing. He certainly didn’t expect to see a dog out on the base. There were no animals on the base.

When Sgt. Fisher got a call on the radio that there was a dog out on the base, he headed over there. He saw a small dog that looked pretty pathetic. He was shivering and it was obvious that he had no one to care for him.

The dog was named Jax by everyone on the base. He was the ray of hope that everyone needed, but it was obvious within the first week that this dog belonged with Fisher. He was so thankful to have the dog, both mentally and physically while being on the base.
There was a program that allowed Fisher to keep his promise to the dog – that the dog would be able to come back to the United States with him. The SPCA helped to make it all possible as a result of the Global Animal Rescue Program.

Fisher says he is extremely grateful to have Jax back in his life. The dog was an invaluable support system while out in the desert, and now, Fisher is back in the US and looking forward to being able to bring the dog home.

There were some things that needed to be done in order to have the dog available to bring over. There is the period of quarantine, and the simple time that it takes in order to bring a dog from Afghanistan to the United States.

Within the video, it’s absolutely endearing to watch as the family gets so excited to go pick up Jax from the kennel. The little boy is excited that he is going to get a dog – and the wife/mom has never been a dog owner, but she knows how important it is to her husband.
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The dog seems to be very grateful to have a family that is going to love them – and those brown puppy dog eyes ensure that the entire family is in love.

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