Her Marine Son Was Killed In Action. The Moment She Meets His Dog… OMG.


Dogs go to war with people and have since people first began keeping dogs. This video is a sad but triumphant story of the love that a Marine had for his dog even in death. The video shows the link that people can find between their deceased family members and the deceased person’s animal companions.

Joshua Ashley and his military police dog Sirius were involved in the explosion of an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan. The dog survived but Joshua did not. The man’s last wish expressed to his mother, Tammie, was that his family could adopt the dog after the dog was retired from military service.
There is a lot of humor in the video despite the sad circumstances. Joshua through his mother describes how affectionate the big dog was with his Marine companion. The dog refused to sleep anywhere except with his Marine. The video shows that the loyalty and love of an animal are the only unconditional love we can receive in this life.

It took Tammie three and one-half years to keep her promise to her son. The dog was finally retired from the Marines after a distinguished career and was flown to Ontario where Joshua’s family waited anxiously to see the dog that was with Joshua in his last moments. The family lives in California.

The dog seems to know what is going on and who the people are that the dog has never seen before. The people may smell like Joshua or the dog may have seen pictures of the people but for whatever reason the animal immediately takes to his new family.

One of the most touching parts of this extraordinary video is a head shot of the dog in the airport. One must understand that this is a trained killer that can tear any person apart. The dog is very big. Despite his training, the dog seems to be as placid and comfortable with his adopted family as a puppy.

This video really has a lot going for it. The tribute to the valor of men lost in war is heart breaking and triumphant at the same time. The dog gives the family a piece of their lost son and brother that no medal or award could ever match.
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