A Maniac Beat A Pit Bull Without Mercy. What A Cop Does Next? Unbelievable.


The police department have gotten a lot of attention this year but not really for the right reasons. Though a lot of negative stories have been going out, here is just a piece of one of the good stories from them.

This is an absolutely interesting story of poor pit bull who had a terrible life experience from an abuser and a super hero police officer who came to the rescue.


It all began six months ago when the police department of Cleveland got a call from a witness about a fellow who had been abusing and putting a pit bull in a life threatening experience. Apparently, the man usually would beat up the poor pup with belt, stones, kicking him and making him suffer, humiliating the helpless dog.


From reports, the witness who called the police saw this man abusing the dog who seemed helpless. He immediately asked that he should stop the beatings and release the dog before he called the police. The man refused and this made the witness call the police. On arrival at the scene, the police were stunned to see not just an innocent dog but a lovely creature who was cheerful and was no danger at all. The dog certainly didn’t want to be close to his abuser or that environment, this he expressed when he ran straight to the officers away from the abuser.


The police officers took the dog for checkup and clean up. He was surely in a terrible state said the vet doctor, he was traumatized by the experiences he had. This officers took great care of the pit bull and soon enough, the dog came back to his normal state, happy, cheerful and full of life.


Soon enough the love of the dog spread about the police department and a fellow officer offered to take care of the dog, he called him Harvard – what a cute name. He decided to take care of this dog till he found a forever loving home for the fur ball.


Dogs are just one lovely creature that can add colors to your life if you treat them right. It is just not fair to punish animals and put them under life threatening circumstances. They are so cute, they learn from you, play with you, lick and cuddle you and just expressed true sincere love. Such lovely creatures

They enjoy cruising around Cleveland together and look forward to many more happy years. This is not the first time Cleveland PD has stepped up to help a dog in need, and for that we want to send our biggest thanks!

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