Man Who Broke Into A Shop And Shot A Dog Dead Sentenced To 10 Years Prison Time


Thomas Richard Nash is a prime example of what it’s like to become famous for all of the wrong reasons. His infamy is the result of his own heartless actions and because he was caught committing his crime, he will now have at least ten years to sit down and think about the consequences of what he has done.

Nash is a 64 year old and while we would like to think that he knows better, his actions do not show it. He ended up being found guilty of two different crimes: animal cruelty and burglary. It truly boggles the mind that a person with Nash’s level of intelligence would pull such a stunt, but this simply goes to show that you cannot judge a book by their cover.

Thomas broke into a local auto shop one day, looking to settle an ongoing feud that he was having with the owner, when he encountered a Labrador. Instead of carrying on with his business or choosing to go back home, he decided to continue the robbery attempt and shoot the dog dead in the process. The poor pup was made to suffer from two different bullet wounds and succumbed to its injuries.

He could have easily shown some mercy to this innocent animal, but he chose the opposite route. Nash tried to run away after his terrible crime, but he was apprehended. According to the shop owner, he and Thomas were continuously arguing about a series of residential issues and he believes that Nash broke in to kill the dog as a form of retaliation.

Judge Michael Evans of Cowlitz County Superior County did not look kindly upon this act and sentenced Nash to a whopping ten years in prison, a harsh rebuke to those who see the lives of animals as being inherently disposable in some way. He was also sentenced to community custody and forced to pay restitution fees.

Just take a look at this image.


Image Credit: The Columbian

While we are not quite sure what to say, we do know one thing for sure: this dog’s life was tragically cut short, due to issues that should have remained between these two men. Thomas did not need to go to these lengths and he should have sat down with the owner of the shop, so that they could squash the beef and come to an agreement. Please share this story to raise awareness about violence towards animals.


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