Man Was Rich Until He Saved Thousands Of Dogs From Slaughter


Wang Yan’s story started off like so many others. He lost his dog and he began the exhaustive search to find his beloved pet. When the dog vanished, Wang left no stones unturned. He searched high and low, even heading to the slaughterhouse of his Chinese town to see if they had located his trusted companion.

When he spoke to a local paper about his troubles, he had essentially given up on ever finding his dog. He had looked everywhere he possibly could and to no avail. Can you imagine how desperate he must have been to find his pet? So few of us have ever set foot in a slaughterhouse and Yan did so, while having no idea what he would find once he did.


While he did not find his dog, what he did find was his life’s true calling. The sheer amount of pain and agony that he witnesses during his trip to the slaughterhouse served as an inspirational moment. The 29 year old man was never the same after this trip and he decided to dedicate his life to helping animals from that point forward.

But Yan was not content to simply volunteer at the occasional animal shelter. Instead, he put his considerable monies behind a project that would help dogs and keep them from suffering the same fate as those he saw during his journey to the slaughterhouse.


At the time Yan chose thisWang Yan is one of the most selfless people in the world. Find out why. path for his life, he was worth several million yuan. Each million yuan is worth roughly $156,000 in American currency. To help the dogs who were in need, he made the choice that seemed simplest to him: he purchased the slaughterhouse.

From there, he used the remainder of his wealth to establish a safe house for dogs, a shelter where they would always be safe. Ever since the shelter was established, over 2,000 lives have been saved by Yan’s selflessness.


Yan is certainly not as rich as he once was and he is now in debt as a result of his efforts. But he is living proof that certain things are more important than money and we shudder to think of what would have happened to these dogs had they not had the fortune of meeting Wang Yan when they did.

To learn more about how the dog trade meat trade works, be sure to conduct your own research and spread this story to increase overall awareness.


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