Man Slaps The Baby, Now Watch What The Cat Does.


Dogs have earned the moniker “man’s best friend” for good reason but as this video shows, they may have to move over and share. Cats are believed to be loners that are more concerned with their toys than with their owners. When cats want attention or food, they go to their owners but rarely more often than that.


Don’t tell this cat that he’s supposed to be self-centered though! Watch this video and see how this cat took it upon himself to protect the family baby. Without regard to his own safety, he saw a threat and stepped in to take care of the situation.

It all started with a father innocently playing with his baby. The two are stationed in the living room enjoying some play time. The baby is carefully cushioned in a car seat and the dad is perched on the edge of the couch. He gazed at his baby and decided to interact with the little one. He started to hit the side of the baby’s car seat. It obviously amused the baby- she thought it was funny. You could tell by her hearty laughter and little feet kicking in the air. In the other room though, was the cat. The banging noise however is too much for the vigilant cat to ignore.

The cat came running into the room and spied the situation: innocent and helpless baby versus loud “bang” from dad against the baby’s seat. Which one is going to win?

The cat jumped on the father’s arm and attacked. The dad pushed him away and continued playing with the baby. This happened three times and each time the cat gets more adamant about his distaste for daddy’s way of playing with the baby. It’s obvious he thought the baby was being hurt.

Of course the baby wasn’t hurt. This was just a human’s way of entertaining a happy baby, but to little kitty eyes, it looked vastly different. This cat wasn’t going to stand by and ignore a problem when someone, or something, needed to step in and assist.
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In the end all is well, of course but seeing a cat take on the protective stance against danger is heartwarming. Although his “foe” is 10 times bigger, he has no problem voicing his concern for the baby. Just watch this video and see how determined this little kitty cat is and how protective he is when it comes to his baby.

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