A Man Sees A Bear Next To Its Dead Mother. What Follows Is Truly Unbelievable.


In the wake of the new Leonardo DiCaprio film The Revenant, which tells the story of a man who survives a vicious bear attack in the colonial wilderness, the idea of a man becoming good buddies with a bear who has the ability to maul him into pieces might seem silly to most, if not all of us.

But this video is here to prove that man and bear can peacefully coexist together and in some cases, they can even become pals. Casey Anderson is a different sort of man and he has earned the nickname “Animal Magnet”, for his ability to develop meaningful connections with animals that many of us would run screaming from.

This clip tells the amazing story of Casey ended up making one of his strangest friends of all: a massive 800 pound bear. He has always been interested in bears ever since his first time catching a glimpse of them in the wild, but as the video begins, he readily admits that his interest in bears come with a certain form of bias.

Would you believe that Casey actually considers a bear to his very best friend? Brutus the bear clocks in at a fearsome 800 pounds, but Casey and Brutus do not allow their differences to come between them. They have embraced one another, proving that the only limit to the friendships that we can develop are the limits that we artificially create for ourselves.

In retrospect, it should not be surprising to anyone that Casey developed such an affinity for nature and the animals who dwell in the wilderness. As a child growing up in Montana, he cared deeply about the welfare of wild animals from a young age and was able to look beyond their appearance.

He sees the true love that exists in all of them and the relationship that he has created with Brutus is one of the more touching things that we have seen in some time. To learn more about how he met his best friend in the whole wide world, be sure to watch this video in its entirety.
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Once you’ve completed the clip, pass it along to all of the skeptics out there who don’t believe in a man and bear’s ability to overlook their differences and become close friends. Don’t forget to spread the love and share the video with your friends and loved ones.

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