Hero Man Saves A Tiny Vervet Monkey From An African Wild Fire


While most of us are able to appreciate the exotic beauty of the African terrain, the animals who reside there are not always so lucky. The vervet monkey in this story experienced a terrible ordeal, as she was left on the side of the road to fend for herself after a brush fire. The animal was able to flee, with her life intact, but her future prognosis did not look too good.

According to the rescue party who found this little vervet, her days were numbered. Had she not been found when she was, she was very unlikely to survive. The little bitty simian was covered in burns from head to toe and her rescuers were able to send her to a nearby sanctuary, where she could mend her wounds and recover in peace.
The vervet stayed at the sanctuary until her condition was stabilized. From there, she began to get well slowly, but surely. In time, she was back into a healthy situation and started to act like her old self again. While this story is truly incredible, it is important to remember that not all animals experience such a happy ending.

Our little marsupial friend is not out of the woods, either. Not by a long shot. She still needs surgery to repair some of the fire damages, but the crew who rescued her believes that she will eventually be good as new. Her condition has definitely improved immensely since she was first found and we are happy to see that she has come such a long way.

The vervet went from crying out in pain, hoping for someone to notice her, to a whole new life, living in the safety of a sanctuary. Instead of laying in the bushes and waiting to die, she gets to spend her days playing with local children, enjoying a happy and stress free existence. Her life has gone for rags to riches in record time.

Want to get to know our new friend a little bit better? Take a look at this incredible video.
[fvplayer src=”http://youtube.com/watch?v=gybaRSbmJyk”]
If you’d like to thank this amazingly heroic man for rescuing the vervet in her time of need, then be sure to share this video with your closest friends and family. Most people would not have gone out of their way to save this adorable little monkey, but fortunately for her, this man is not most people!

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