Man Proudly Films The Fence He Just Finished Building. But Watch The Dog. LOL!


In this video, you can tell that the man doing the filming is very proud of himself. He has built a wooden fence that surrounds this property. He has built the entire thing on his own, and the pride is very evident.

The man explained that the fence was built as a way of keeping his dog in the yard. That’s when the most incredible thing happens. Just wait for it. The dog is going to come running across the yard, and all of a sudden – up and over the fence.

I laughed so hard, and then I had to watch the video again, just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything. I was convinced that I hadn’t actually seen what the dog did – but sure enough, that is exactly what he did.
Now, I would spoil it with what the man said, but what he mumbled to himself is perhaps the funniest part of this entire video. He goes from being so proud to basically saying “are you kidding me?” I don’t know about you, but if this had happened to me after all of my hard work, I probably would have gotten a little angry.

What is shocking about this whole video is that it isn’t the fault of the fence. It looks like it’s a good five or 6 feet tall, though the video could be a little deceptive. It is extremely difficult to imagine that the fence is incapable of holding the dog, yet that is exactly what happened. I would love to get out there and measure just how high this fence is, because it is entirely possible that the dog has broken some kind of incredible record for high jumping.

What do you think? Would you be able to keep your dog inside your yard with a fence like this? If your dog suddenly got out after all of your hard work, what would you be saying?
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You are going to love this video because of how proud the man is as he shows off his fence. The last few seconds of the video is the best – so just wait for it – and then share away!

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