Man Hears Barking Beneath Sidewalk, Finds Dog Buried Alive


An innocent expecting dog had been seemingly eternally trapped under newly laid bricks and forgotten to die under the cold hard ground. The only reason she is alive now is because of the selfless man who would not disregard her desperate pleas for assistance.

The dreadful torment started last Friday beside an apartment complex in Voronezh, a Russian town. While it may have been an action of unknowing irresponsibility, it also could have been an act void of all human decency and that is left to be determined. Workers from the city were scheduled out to repair a hazardous part of the sidewalk that had been destroyed by a sinkhole in the weeks before. During the repair process, the workers must have buried the dog alive in the space remaining under the structures front stairs.
In the following days, the dogs need for survival kicked in and she made sure not to be forgotten any longer. The building’s occupants Vadim Rustam and others heard her barking, and they took the matter before the city’s department of housing to get the animal help. The authorities told them that nothing could be done and to simply ignore it until she died. Vadim Rustam not being that kind of inhumane person, took the matter into his own hands. He started breaking up the bricks, and digging the dirt beneath them away. He didn’t give a single thought to the destruction of the recent repairs, because to him, a life was beyond any worth we could give it.
The pregnant dog was pulled out still alive, surprisingly, because she had been trapped in the man-made cave for two days. She had no water, food, or even sunlight to get through it, just her hope and determination, and even that would not have been enough if Rustam hadn’t helped.

While it is still up for debate whether the expecting dog was buried under there on purpose, or if a careless mistake almost led to what would have been an early and unnecessary death, she is still breathing today because of this brave man’s selflessness.

After being rescued by Rustam, the dog was pronounced as homeless. Following the terrible event she was placed with an animal rescue group in the area to recover and deliver her puppies in a safe and open environment. Soon enough she will be able to go to a loving home, all because of Rustam.


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