Man Dives Into Flash Flood, Fills His Boat Up With Animals


Natural disasters can cause a significant amount of suffering. Not only affect humans, but it also displays animals from their natural homes. This means that they can be extremely vulnerable – and Southern states are known for extreme flooding.

The video shared here is going to tell an incredible story. Two men notice animals showing up in their backyard, as they migrated from the flooded woods. Most people wouldn’t take action, or wouldn’t know what kind of action would be best. However, these two men stepped up and figured out the best way to help the animals survive.
They got their boat, went out into the woods, and brought the animals onto the boat as a way of moving them to higher ground. While they were in the woods, they saw various animals, including opossums and armadillos, clinging to dry land as best as they could. It was absolutely heartbreaking, and they knew that it was their responsibility to do something to help.

The video shows off so many of the animals in the flooded woods that need saving The animals don’t seem to mind a bit that they are on a boat. They seem to know that they are being saved. The men are shown standing in water that is up to their knees and higher because of all of the flooding. Normally, these woods are dry – and this means that the animals aren’t used to being exposed to the kind of water that is now upon them.

At one point, one of the men start to pet opossums as a way of calming them down. It’s crazy because they sit there with their mouths hanging open. It’s as if they are trying to figure out what in the world is going on.

Some animals are a little harder to rescue than others because they spook easily – and because of their size. You would think that the men would give up on those, but instead, they talk about the best way to approach.

On the boat, the two men come across some higher land. This is when they release the animals.

The amount of water is crazy in the woods and it’s simply amazing what these men are willing to do.

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