Man Committed Suicide Because Authorities Euthanized His Dog


This is a story about a man and his dog. Dan and his dog Zanto were inseparable. They went everywhere together and the love between man and dog could be seen by everyone. Dan went to Denmark and didn’t even think about not bringing Zanto. Unfortunately, this is when everything went wrong.


Dan was asked to prove that Zanto wasn’t on the list of banned breeds. He had eight days to do this. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do this because Zanto whether people, and this is one of the breed that is on the banned list in Denmark.

What happened is that authorities took Zanto away after the eight days were up. They had him euthanized, without giving Dan any further choices as to what could be done. This wasn’t just an ordinary dog to Dan. It was his family.


Dan felt like he had somehow failed Zanto in his effort to save him. He was heartbroken. After all, he lost his beloved dog, which was a member of his family. It was impossible for him to bear the pain of not having the dog around, and this led to the unthinkable.

Dan took his life. He committed suicide using pain medication. He overdosed, and that was that.

It is beyond wrong that a country could euthanize a person’s dog simply because they were on the banned list. It is unclear as to whether Dan had the choice of removing himself and the dog from the country to prevent such an ill fate. The only positive that comes out of this that Dan and Zanto can now be together forever.


On June 11, 2014, amendments were adopted by Denmark regarding the Danish Act on Dogs. A total of 13 breeds were banned from the country. This included not only the pit bull Terrier, but also the American bulldog, the Caucasian Shepherd dog, the central Asian Shepherd dog, as well as several others.

People need to learn that there are banned list throughout many countries – and while it is sad that Dan took his life, many times such fates can be prevented by taking the time to learn about the laws in a country before arriving, particularly arriving with a dog.

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