A Man Calls Out And Gets A Loud ‘Roar’ In Response. Now Watch Who Shows Up…


When it comes to behavior, animals have so many similarities with human beings. There is no animal that does not respond to proper training and there is no animal that cannot differentiate one human voice from another.

The adorable video is about a man that was communicating with his elephants. It is mind blowing. The animals were in their shed when the man arrived. He yelled several times in a strange language and what will strike you most is that for each time he yelled the elephants roared back as a form of response.

He was virtually communicating with them for a few seconds. And then, what happened thereafter will shock you! The four of them came out of their shed and they ran towards his direction. When they got to where he was standing, he gestured towards them to stop and they did instantly!

A few seconds thereafter, he turned around and began to walk and the elephants followed suit. He was probably taking them for a stroll. One thing that is worthy of mention is the fact that their sheds were not locked. They could have gone out on their own if they wanted to. But they did not.

This means that elephants, as big as they are, can be subjected to a high level of training and so much discipline. This also means that the man can send them all back inside with just one word or a snap of his fingers. Isn’t it amazing?

Another thing to consider is the size of this man compared to that of the elephants. Imagine, giant mammals being controlled by a relatively small creature. Those elephants really exhibited a high level of obedience. There was no element of resistance in their reaction at all.
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What could be responsible for the bond between this man and his elephants? Could it be because he feeds them? Or could it be because he has been taking care of them from birth? Or maybe because they have grown to love him and they know he loves them too? It is probably the combination of the three that can make such big beasts adore and virtually worship such a small creature. Besides, it is believed that animals have a way of sensing those who really love them and those who are just pretending to love them. Please don’t forget to share it after watching.

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