Making A Cloud Light From Paper Lanterns For A Baby Shower, When The Lights Turn Off, It’s Magical


A baby shower is usually conducted to help the mother-to-be welcome the new life and feel completely relaxed. It is a customary ritual which has acquired the form of a celebration. The objective of it is to shower the mother-to-be with necessary advice and support on what she ought to do as well as not do during and after the pregnancy. There is also an objective of blessing her with gifts and good wishes. The mother-to-be is made to feel completely relaxed so that she does not feel anxious with what is about to begin in her life.

When TiffyQuake, a Youtube personality, was given the task of throwing a baby shower for one of her good friends, she decided that she would create something special to celebrate the occasion.

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The something special was a ‘shower’ which she made by using a cloud lamp which would appear to glisten with lightning and rain. This decoration apart from being the perfect decoration for the baby shower would also be able to function as an imaginative night light that the mom-to-be could use after the birth of the baby.

To create this cloud lamp, the following simple items are required:

> Paper lanterns that are of varying sizes

> Batting or cotton stuffing

> Hot glue sticks as well as hot glue gun

> Curtain lights that are LED

> A clear string

This idea of the cloud lamp can also be experimented with a few small changes like adding more color which can make one of the lamps pop, you can also use rainbow-colored lights as opposed to the plain white lights which can be a great substitute if the lamp is to be kept in the child’s room or play room.

The paper lanterns that are colored are also a good substitute in case you want to make your cloud lamp brighter as well as personalize it and make it match your party theme or room scheme.

Paper lanterns are available and come in a variety of sizes, shapes as well as colors. The designs also vary from simple ones to elaborate paper-covered frames that are made of metal or bamboo.

They are often used during festivals and are therefore associated with celebrations and also lend a festive air to events. Their use in the home offers users an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to add a splash of color or spruce up a room. The lights work well in the creation of a particular mood through design and color and also as ambient lighting.

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