It May Look Like 2 Normal Dogs, But The Truth? This Will Really Open Your Eyes.


When you are given the opportunity to look deep into the eyes of a canine, are you able to tell what their life has been like? Do you know if they are experiencing extreme neglect or if they have found a happy home to call their own? For the most part, we are clueless when it comes to discerning these sorts of differences, especially when it comes to our puppy pals.


While we may find it hard at first, this amazing video serves a valuable eye opener. We are able to meet two dogs who have had vastly different experiences and learn more about their upbringings. After taking a look at this clip, your ability to observe animals and be able to grasp their suffering will be greatly improved.

On the left side, we get to see a dog that has had a great life and was lucky enough to find a forever home at an early age. The dog on the left has had it good, with a nice, warm bed to sleep in each and every night, plenty of food to eat, tons of friends to pal around with and a multitude of toys to play with. There isn’t one thing about this dog’s life that we would change.

Every dog deserves this sort of life, but the one on the right has not been so fortunate. The pup on the right side has spent the majority of his life in chains, with no friends to play with or any daily enjoyment to be had. He’s got no toys, no humans to care about him and his existence is miserable.

To top it all off, the dog on the right is stuck with a flimsy wooden house that does not provide him with an adequate source of shelter (shame on his owner!) and when his water dish freezes over in cold weather, he is left with nothing to drink. There is no dog alive who deserves to live like this.

To find out more, be sure to take a look at this video:

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Stories like these are why so many states have begun to enact laws against this sort of tethering. It is not humane and there should be zero tolerance for practices like these. No living creature needs to suffer like this and if you’d like to raise awareness about this important matter, take a moment to share this clip.


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