This Lonely Crane Approached A Horse, And What Happened Is Incredible To Watch!


Rascal is a beautiful and gentle horse. He lives on a farm with loving trainers and plenty of other horses to keep him company. He has never been overly aggressive. If another horse or animal seemed to be threatening or stayed too long in Rascal’s territory; a few grunts and some back leg kicks would do the trick. They would realize that Rascal was correcting them, and they would respect his area.


One day a beautiful and fully grown crane flew into Rascal’s space. Rascal was not sure what to think about this strange creature. He rose up on his back legs as if to show the crane that he was the big guy on this farm. The crane was not to be outdone.


He spread his massive wings to show Rascal that he was not easily intimidated. Rascal raised up again and took a few steps. The crane gracefully hopped on his long legs while flapping his wings!


Soon the horse was moving and the crane was keeping a safe distance but moving too! Rascal and the crane displayed an unusual and lovely dance. Soon Rascal decided the crane was little threat to him. The crane also calmed down. The two of them seemed to come to an understanding.


Both horses and cranes use their size and presence to intimidate other animals. They would rather scare off the trespasser than to fight them. Many times it is not that they mind the animal visit, but they must protect their homes.


However, it is unusual to see a horse and a crane dance this dance. The crane must have felt he could not get away and his flapping wings and fast moving legs would let the horse know he was not going to be ran off easily. Rascal probably did not know what to make of this strange bird that came right into his pasture. The fact that Rascal lives in Florida does not ensure that he had even seen a crane before.


Regardless of the reasoning; the encounter made for some entertaining photographs and neither animal was hurt. We can’t help but wonder if the crane will return to enjoy another dance with the majestic Rascal in the future. If he does; we hope someone is near to get more cool pictures!


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