Little Puppy Suffering From Megaesophagus Gets All Help He Needs


Regurgitation of food seems to be more popular in cats who vomit fur balls, however, this assumption is untrue as dogs are more prone to regurgitating their food. Sometimes it may be due congenital problems and is popular among the following breeds wire haired fox terriers, great Danes, miniature schnauzers, Pug, German shepherds, Irish settler, Dachshunds, Labrador retriever, and Chinese Shar-pei.


Puppies, at times, can eat like they are starved, swallowing their food before any other puppy can reach the food and share with them. This puppy you are going to see was doing just that, like every normal puppy, but he remained as skinny as ever and kept losing weight. Duncan is a four-month-old pup who was brought into the shelter, and he looked extremely thin. The vet couldn’t imagine why he was underweight because it seemed that he was being fed. So it was not that he was not getting enough food at the proper time, the problem was that he was unable to keep the food down long enough for it to have any effect on his body weight.

So what was causing his underweight?

Duncan was diagnosed with a congenital medical known as Mega-esophagus, and this condition makes the esophagus become swollen or enlarged, and this affects the ability of the intestines to digest food. This implies that the puppy was eating but, the food was digested properly or may not have been digested at all. Duncan was taken to a shelter, and his caregivers devised a method of helping him to manage his condition. They built a special chair for Duncan, which will help him eat and to keeps food down without regurgitating through a simple use of gravity. The chair looks like a high chair used to feed kids and has space in the front for his doggie bowl, except this one helps Duncan sit up straight like a human and keeps his meals down. Isn’t this incredible? It is. It looks truly adorable to see the puppy munch his treats as he loves to eat and play with his chew toys. The puppy happily eats his food and is given water to make sure the food is kept down. He seems accustomed to his feeding method and sits quietly till the end of the meal.
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Ever since the shelter found a way to help Duncan, he has been eating properly and now weighs like a normal puppy. And finally, Duncan can be happy and healthy and also experience a full tummy like every other puppy.

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