Little Girl’s Wish To Save A Turkey’s Life This Christmas Goes Viral


Since Christmas is coming, parents always ask their children about their Christmas wishes. Everyone wishes for different things. One little girl from Norther Ireland had the most special wish anyone could ever ask for. The girl I am talking about asked her parents to have a Turkey for Christmas. That was her wish for this holiday season. All she wanted was for them to save a turkey, and bring it to her.

The little girl (Athena) decided to name her turkey “Valerie Lucky.” This is Valerie Lucky


Athena is only six years old, and she is an animal lover already. Her mother says that she does not eat meat, and Athena has a lot of other animals. This family lives in a farm, and that provides Athena with lots of space for her friends.

Athena and Valerie Lucky


From the first moment Athena got her turkey, she fall in love with it. She stays with it all day long, they go out for walks. It is like Athena’s pet. 


When Athena was asked why is she vegetarian, and why doesn’t she eat meat she responded: “I love animals too much.” 

It is really inspiring to see a child at this age, being so loving, and caring towards animals.

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As her mother says in the vide below, she was really surprised when her little daughter asked for a turkey. The reason Athena wanted a turkey was to save it from these holiday season, and any other holiday season to come. Athena knows that turkeys are used during holidays, so she decided to save this one!


The video will explain the whole story. This way you will learn more of Athena’s obsession with animals. You go little girl because I can tell you will give such a great contribution for animals once you grow. The world needs more people like you! Good bless your pure heart! I hope you enjoy the story! Please share!

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