Little Girl Babbles On The Phone With Dad. Mom Couldn’t Stifle Her Laughter


In the video, she is babbling at her dad happily as he listens to her and from time to time, she pauses her babbling in order to give dad a chance to speak and talk to her as well. It is incredibly cute to watch and it will certainly melt your heat, even though she isn’t really talking but instead is only babbling a lot of stuff. Emelia liked the conversation with her dad so much that she didn’t really want to give mom back the phone once dad had to hang up and go to work. I believe that this is a part of the natural behavior kids have whenever they are touching something new such as a phone, they just like playing with it and exploring the amazing amount of options those gadgets have while we just end up using the options we do know and ignore the options we don’t know.

We can all learn from the behavior children have, even if they are just babbling on the phone with dad and are probably just mimicking actions they saw their parents do a few times before. Still, it is incredible that Emelia is just 16 months old and is already able to mimic so well. She is truly gifted.

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