A Little Girl Adopted This Dog Moments Before Euthanasia, The Dog’s Reaction Was Priceless.


Unfortunately, there are far too stray animals in the world, which makes finding a forever home for all of them a mathematical impossibility. This leads to an untenable amount of overcrowding in animal shelters and forces their employees to make difficult decisions about which animals live and which animals pass away.

Since there are always new animals coming in each day that are in desperate need of a home, older animals have to be euthanized in order to make room for them. This is a very sad reality that few of us wish to face head on, but ignoring it will not make it go away.
When animals who are living in shelters and existing on borrowed time finally find forever homes to call their own, this is a joyous, momentous occasion. Animals do not deserve to be put to sleep and anytime one of them can avoid euthanasia, this should be a cause for immediate celebration.

The puppy in this video was facing an uncertain fate. She had been staying in this shelter for quite some time and had yet to find a forever home. While it is hard to believe that a dog who is this adorable could not find a home, she stayed at the shelter up until the very last second.

Just when things looked their bleakest, she found a family that was willing to provide with the home that she needed. She immediately cuddled up with her new sibling and judging from the look on her face, she was definitely aware of the gravity of her situation. Animals are certainly much more perceptive than they are ever given credit for.

This video offers viewers at home an incredible glimpse into the puppy’s adoption process. Just be careful when watching, since you just might shed a tear or two. You might have want to have a box of tissues handy.

She is definitely more than ready to leave her shelter behind for good and cannot wait to head to her new home, where she can lay down in a nice, warm bed and know that she has a family who cares about her very much.

She’s got a home that is all her own and more hugs than a dog could ever need or want. We love to see stories with a happy ending, don’t you? Be sure to spread the love and share this tale of redemption with your friends and family members.

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