Little David Has Autism, But He Still Manages To Wow Everyone


When David Militello was born, he was just like any other baby. At least everyone around him thought so, but things started getting a little strange since he wasn’t talking at all when he was two years old. For some reason, he was always quiet and didn’t say a word, until one day he was tested and diagnosed.
The diagnosis came and it conclude that David had autism. He was only a toddler so this obviously chocked David’s parents, simply because they weren’t ready for such news, pretty much like every parent in the world. People usually associate this as if it is something terrible, but all in all, autism just means people get a little different, they need some special care, but they are also capable of pretty much anything.

David Militello was proof that people with autism can achieve anything. When he started talking at three years of age, the bus driver that took him to school noticed that David really like to sing. In fact, he was singing more than what he was speaking regularly. He just loved to sing, and as we all know, whenever you truly love doing something, you are never bad at it.

Later on, when David was nine years old, he went to America’s Got Talent, and when he stepped on that stage, no one really expected the outcome would be so brilliant. He started talking as if he was just cocky, land when the judges asked if he was any good, he actually answered them he was very good. The judges just saw this as something cute, they just saw it as confidence, but they were truly amazed.

When David started to sing, you really don’t know what to think at first, pretty much like the audience present that day. You can tell David doesn’t have the most impressive voice you have ever heard, but you can also feel a certain charm, a certain amount of love in his words.

As David goes on, however, you do notice the love he puts into every words completely overwhelms the lack of quality that his voice has. Again, the audience realizes this as well and soon they are cheering for him, they want him to succeed and just like the judges told little David, he managed to conquer the hearts of America in one simple song.

He is just nine years old, he already managed to conquer the hearts of America, and he is a true inspiration to everyone. I bet his autism doesn’t really come into play now, taking into account that he managed to succeed despite every obstacle life threw at him, and he didn’t even need to grow up to succeed – imagine that.

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