A Little Bird Wakes Up Her Cat BFF And His Reaction Is Unexpected!


This amazing and absolutely one of a kind video shows that everything that you ever thought about cats and birds just does not hold true. You have never seen a bird and a cat have a relationship that is this charming and friendly. Share this video with your friends and wait to see them be stunned.

Cats do capture and eat birds in the wild. It is just what cats do. Birds instinctively know to avoid a cat on the prowl. That is just not what happens in this unbelievable video.
The bird, a parrot, chirps away at a sleeping cat. The bird is definitely within a paw’s distance from the cat. The cat just lazes about as cats are known to do. The cat does not want to wake up.

The little bird is insistent that his cat buddy get up and play. You will not believe what the bird does to get the cat to wake up. The bird appears to be absolutely fearless as it dances around the cat’s claws. The bird does take a step or two back when the cat lazily extends a paw to rid itself of the alarm clock bird but the bird just comes back again and again until the cat finally gives up and wakes up.

The shot of the bird and cat nose to nose is totally outrageous. The majority of people would never believe that this is real but film of this quality just cannot be made to lie.

This little video is really funny. The bird hopping away at the last second before the cat paws the bird is dramatic and startlingly humorous. The cat is even funnier. All the cat wants is to be left to snooze but the bird just will have none of that. The poor cat just cannot rest with a bird chirping away and pecking his paws, head, and nose.

Animals that live in close quarters with each other learn to get along. This video is definitely one of the most bizarre and extraordinary relationships that you will ever see. It is obvious that the animal’s owners have seen this show before and know that in some way the cat has come to be friends with what could be its next meal.
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Share this one with animal lovers, cat fanciers, and anyone that likes a laugh and a real shock. True is often very strange.

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