Listen To This Dad PERFECTLY Describe People Who Don’t Have Kids. I’m Cracking Up!


For those of us who have children of our own, there is a pretty good chance that people who do not have children probably drive you up a wall on a consistent basis. Their problems typically pale in comparison to yours, which can make it very hard to get along with them on most subjects.
A person who does not have children does not get what a parent goes through on a daily basis. They have never experienced what it is like to be deprived of a regular sleep schedule day after day after day. People who do not have children don’t go through the agony of merely trying to get out of the door each day, a simple task that becomes infinitely more difficult with children present.

Even something as commonplace as taking a long drive and spending time alone becomes nearly impossible once your children have been born. They require the majority of your time, money and efforts. So expecting someone who does not already have children of their own to see eye to eye with you is incredibly difficult.

Before they have their own children, everyone is seemingly an expert on the subject, telling people the do’s and donts. Not only do they know all of the right things that should be done, but they can also judge people who have had kids and speak ill of them when their children are not behaving properly.

These people do not know what they speak of and it is very likely that they would wash out as a parent after just one day. No one can know and understand the unique struggle of being responsible for human life until they have taken the plunge and had a child of their own. There is no experience quite like it and no way for a person to prepare themselves.

Michael McIntyre, a popular comedian, certainly gets it, thanks to the fact that he already has children of his own. This bit, which has been entitled “People With No Kids Don’t Know”, has been given the correct title, because these people literally have no idea. While parents do have it pretty tough, at day’s end, there is not one parent on the planet who would give up their job.

What did you think of Michael’s skit? Were you one of the parents who nodded along with every joke, in total agreement with everything that Michael had to say? Or were you one of the people without children who was also able to laugh at the truth of his statements? Regardless of which side you land on, be sure to share this video with your family, friends and Facebook buddies. It will certainly spark a few interesting conversations at your next get together!

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