He Entered A Lion’s Cage And Picked Up Her Newborn Cub. I Can’t Believe How The Lioness Reacted.


He has spent several years in a South African animal conservatory, honing his skills. Animals that have recently been rescued and are not ready to make their triumphant return to the wild are taken to the conservatory to be nurtured. While this is not a simple task, Richardson makes it look easy. In this video, Richardson is shown tending to the needs of a lioness and her cubs. As the video begins, he and the lioness are roughhousing and playing with each other, much like you or I would with one of our treasured pets. They are clearly affectionate towards each other and there seems to a real connection between Richardson and the mother lion.
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The concept of sitting inside a lion’s cage, petting and playing with a mother lion is foreign to most of it, which is what makes for such interesting viewing. While the more timid among us might be cringing, watching through our fingers, waiting for the lion to rip Richardson from limb to limb, such atrocities never occur.

Instead, after playing with lioness for a prolonged period, Richardson turns his attention to the cubs. Even though most situations would dictate that he leave the cubs alone, the mother has no problem with Richardson’s actions. Rather than devour him whole, she begins to lick and nuzzle Richardson.

Imagine the viewer’s astonishment as they realize that the lioness is treating Richardson as she would her own cub. The mother displays true appreciation as Richardson brings her cubs back to her and she shows her gratitude the best way she knows how. Lions are not the simplistic killing machines that they are typically portrayed as, they are intelligent, loving creatures.

This video shows how important it is not to judge a book by its cover. Even an animal can comprehend when someone is truly in their corner and will find ways to show their appreciation. Thanks to people like Kevin Richardson, we are able to learn more about our favorite animals and see how they react to real life situations.

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