Lemon’s Amazing Transformation Will Warm Your Heart


This story is all about a puppy named Lemon, a puppy who was dealt a very bad hand in life. You see, she was brought to her local shelter and for the life of us, we cannot figure out why someone would give such an adorable animal away without a second thought.


When she first arrived, her weight had dwindled to an unthinkable 2.5 pounds. She was not only emaciated, but also dehydrated and hypodermic. Due to her weakened condition, she was unable to walk or even support herself long enough to sit upright. Once she was in the care of the shelter, they supplied her with a feeding tube, which allowed to her to start putting weight back on.

To make matters worse, Lemon also had growths on her eyes that were bulging outward. Fortunately, she was still able to wag her tail, which gave her the chance to show her love and appreciation for the help she was receiving. While some dogs in her position would have become fearful and lost their ability to trust humans, Lemon remained positive.

Her fighting spirit and indomitable will served to keep her alive during these trying times. She was placed into foster care and given the rehabilitation she so desperately needed. Thanks to the help of her rescuers, she slowly began to recuperate and experience the life that she always deserved to live.

Lemon was fed around the clock, with many late night meals, and the change in her appearance from day 1 of foster care to day 30 of foster care is remarkable. All it took was three days of foster care for her to regain her ability to sit up and not long after, Lemon took her very first steps.

Watching her struggle to regain her bearings is heart wrenching. The idea that someone would let her reach this point before finally seeking assistance makes us wonder what kind of soul would do a thing like us. But thanks to the good people who were responsible for Lemon’s foster care, she is doing much better now.

On February 12, 2016, Lemon’s prayers were finally answered and she was taken to a forever home, where she will be surrounded by love and affection at every turn. We wish her and the new family lots of luck and hope that viewers will take the time to pass this video along and spread awareness about the plight of animals just like Lemon.

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